Thought of the day


will bring


to your life


Only sun

Has the potential

To do this

For you.


The Versatile Blogger Award And The Mystery Blogger Award (2)

I am extremely extremely sorry for such a late reply to the honour you beautiful beautiful people gave to me a while ago. Apologies.

Thank you Rida and Chimdelu for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award And the Mystery Blogger Award, respectively. I cannot thank you both enough for being the constant dear friend of mine over here and blessings me with the honour by nominating me for these two most beautiful and important awards.

Also, it is highly advisable to other bloggers to give a visit to their blog posts, you will find whole lot amazing stuff there.

Because I have already received the above two awards before and mentioned the 7 facts about me I am not repeating them again. The participation slots for the versatile blogger award are open for all those who are happily willing to participate.

The rules are

Happy writing,

Much love.

Drenched in love *destruction*


Left me alone,


Lonely I was,

Under the blank skies,

With silent cries,

Yes, the deceiving smile,

He Bring with himself,

the hurricane,

And The tsunami,

Of destruction,

And left me with the touch,

I would forever keep.

Quill Commander Award

The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love. The Quill Commander Award was created by Dronstad.

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag.
4. Leave a favourite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

I am thankful to Rashmi for thinking of me worthy for this honour. She is one of a kind.

Also I am extremely sorry to y’all for being inactive over here for a long time.

National flag of India :

National anthem link:

Favourite quote

My nominees are my beautiful ladies this time :

Deepti shah





Shreya jindal

Neha verma


Rida yumn Ahmed


Keep writing,

Much love.

Thought of the day

I have always heard,

people saying,

silence is the biggest destruction.


You know,

Things go wrong,

Very very wrong,

Even When hot words,

are being wrapped,

Around the tongue,

With no melancholy,

And tinge of guilt.

Versatile Blogger Award

O my god!

O my god!

O my god!

How can I be calm anymore? I mean I can’t thank you beautiful beautiful people for all the love, support and appreciation.

If you guys have not heard of this award before, it’s not really an award as in physical prize. Instead it’s just a really great way to promote other people’s blog and connect with fellow bloggers.

And this beautiful girl named

Zankhana Nominated me for this sweet honour, I would like to suggest you people her blog, you won’t be disappointed.

Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award :

1. Write about 7 facts about yourself.

# I have done BBS, and pursuing my post graduation.

#Pasta is eternal love.

#Enjoying this wordpress community pretty much.

#writing and singing are hobbies.

#favourite application for chatting is snapchat

#Mvdarklight is favourite writer.

2. Nominate other amazing bloggers.

So my nominees are :







Joseph Emerson

Harotian essentials





As I believe all of you are amazing and versatile I would be happy if you participate in this nomination, feel free to do this.

Have a great day people,

Love love.